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Real Estate Brokers & Agents Hunter Hotel Advisors


2013: New Website and Custom Data Room Application for Hunter Hotel Advisors of Atlanta, GA.

Hunter Hotel Advisors is one of the nation's leading providers of brokerage and advisory services to the hotel industry. For over thirty years, Hunter’s team of seasoned professionals – the industry's brightest stars – have successfully advised thousands of clients through all economic conditions. Colophon New Media was hired to provide Hunter with a new website that spotlighted their place in the Hotel Advisory Industry while providing very specific functionality to their clients. After working diligently with the Hunter team regarding exact specifications and design, Colophon is pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned, custom programmed Hunter website, which includes:

  1. A membership system for signing confidentiality agreements
  2. Client access to Hotel Data Rooms
  3. Ultra-fast, easy-interface for data management
  4. Drag and drop file features
  5. Instant download and rapid updates
  6. Website maintenance and hosting supported by Colophon at a powerful, secure data center

The redesigned website and backend administrator tools will dramatically aid Hunter in their continued success and growth. Colophon provides web hosting and support to Hunter Hotel Advisors with a mission to provide them with a world-class web presence, seamless functionality for their clients and responsive, cost-effective support.

  • Responsive Web Design. Seamless Across all Devices
  • Powerful Ultra-Fast, Low-Tenant' Web Hosting Service
  • Custom CRM/Leads Management Tools
  • Dataroom Controls and Customer Dashboard
  • Industry Leading Maintenance and Support
  • Google Analytics

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