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A Good User Experience on the Road? Think Mobile First!

Title: A Good User Experience on the Road? Think Mobile First!
Author: James Eastman, MS
Date Published: 02/05/2015


Think back to your last business trip. Recall the time you spent at the airport, renting a car, navigating an unfamiliar city.

While moving quickly from place to place you were also likely trying to get things done. Appointments on the phone were kept, emails were answered, and you also remembered to pick up a souvenir for a loved one.

Recall the moments during this trip when you felt roadblocks to your productivity. They are frustrating moments.


Often these roadblocks are hit when surfing websites.

You may have had a hard time simply finding the phone number for an office. And when you did find it, you couldn’t click the number and trigger a call!

Working on the road puts web usability into sharp focus.  

The key to a designing a good user experience is to imagine the real world that people live in. That world is now dominated by mobile devices and fast-moving businesses. Taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach helps align website design with the needs of the fast-moving mobile users.

A mobile-first approach means making websites easy to use on all mobile devices. It is critical for your company website.

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