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Colophon New Media: Websites Built to be Found!

Title: Colophon New Media: Websites Built to be Found!
Author: James Eastman, MS Computer Science
Date Published: 07/14/2010


Colophon New Media of Charleston SC has been building, hosting and maintaining websites for customers since 2003. Since then, as we all know, the web has changed dramatically. The volume of Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging has transformed the way we interact with customers - and the way they interact with our businesses. 

SEO from Colophon New Media, Managed ServicesExpert Web Design and Programming
When your company's website is designed and programmed correctly, it becomes an essential part of your business plan. In many cases, it can be the cornerstone of your company's sales efforts! Customers – those who are actively seeking goods and services like yours - search for those things using targeted keywords. To be found online –with a ranking stronger than your competitor's – your website will need a combination of proper programming and a sensible marketing strategy.

Superior Search Engine Rankings

Colophon understands how to build sites that are visible to search engines and, in turn, to your customers. Our expert design and programming team codes your site so that it achieves maximum visibility to search engines. We then give you the tools to make the regular updates that will build your search visibility over time.

Skilled Web Marketing Services

Once Colophon establishes a solid web presence for you, we then go to work providing the kind of web marketing services that will help your company's website to grow and strengthen over time. We will work with you, showing you the best way to optimize your time and money while attracting targeted customers to your website. Among our services are:

  • Link Building: We seek out high-quality links with appropriate directories, search engines and other websites relevant to your business; and
  • Social Media: Forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and the like. Basically, we get people talking about your website and your business, and that buzz lends credibility!
  • Content Creation: Using experienced writers, designers and developers, Colophon works with your business information and creative ideas to create quality content that builds your search visibility.
  • Google AdWords Management: Colophon builds specialized adWords campaings and provides monthly management and reports.

Improve Your Web Performance!

If you need a website, or if the one you have isn't getting the job done, you need Colophon New Media. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the most out of your online marketing dollar!



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