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Helpful Guide to Hosting Your Website

Title: Helpful Guide to Hosting Your Website
Author: James M. Eastman
Date Published: 07/21/2003


A web host refers to the computer where the files for your website will sit. This computer or "host" holds the files until someone connected to the Internet asks to see a file. Then the host "serves" the client the file they requested.

The relationship looks like this:

There are basically 2 types of web hosting, shared and dedicated. With shared hosting your site is hosted in the same directory (in the same place) as other websites.

With dedicated web hosting you have your own physical website server (computer) and do not share the bandwidth, the memory (RAM) and the speed of the processor with other websites. This type of hosting is only necessary for large businesses, with huge numbers of visitors, and those businesses that require more specialized needs for their website.

Dedicated web hosting allows a business to create a more secure environment for their data. Also, some businesses require that their applications run on a particular operating system. This is easier with dedicated hosting where you can choose your operating system.

Shared web hosting solutions are ideal for the individual or small business that does not want the expense of their own dedicated server and does not require highly specialized needs for their data. Shared hosting is a fast, secure and reliable way to serve the needs of thousands of customers while keeping costs down. Moreover, shared hosting offers great flexiblity in software.

Websites are hosted on servers that can provide powerful programs and database applications. Colophon develops database applications in Macromedia's ColdFusion. These applications run on a "ColdFusion Server." ColdFusion is an application server for the web that provides robust, rapid application development. For more on Macromedia and Coldfusion go to

There are five important things to consider when choosing a web hosting plan: (1) it should be flexible enough to support many types of applications; (2) it should be fast and reliable; (3) it should provide full customer support and maintenance; (4) it should provide efficient e-mail service; and (5) it should be provided at a cost effective rate.

Understanding the basics of website hosting can be a tremendous help to the successful development and maintenance of your website. If you would like to find out more about hosting and Colophon's hosting solutions please contact:



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Colophon offers 3 professional level plans to serve your business needs. The plans are flexible and can serve the needs of all sizes of business.
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"Behind every great website is great host. Whether you want an elaborate e-commerce portal or simply an electronic brochure, your site needs a reliable home on the Internet, with the infrastructure and capacity for growth."
- PC Magazine MARCH 25, 2003






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