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Video and Your Website

Title: Video and Your Website
Author: James Eastman, MS Computer Science
Date Published: 09/12/2012


One of the most popular ways to deliver engaging content on your website is with video. Producing high quality video has become very affordable in recent years with the emergence of low cost video cameras and excellent smart phone cameras. Video production companies can create an excellent presentation at affordable rates.

While many standard web hosting companies can host and serve your video, it is best to use a dedicated video hosting service. In this way you will not eat up your allotted bandwidth and the video will display better to your public. Colophon most often recommends that customers create a youTube channel to display their videos. You  post your videos to youTube and then "embed" them on your website.
EMBEDDING Video from youTube

  1. Go to your video on An example is from our customer CORFAC International:
  2. Click "Share".
  3. Click "Embed".
  4. Choose desired size .
  5. Copy the code.
  6. Paste the code into the HTML on your website.

By having your videos on your website will benefit from exposure to the social media world as well as the high quality technology that youTube provides - all for free!

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