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Case Study for: Construction & Engineering Companies

Customer: BCF Solutions

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BCF Solutions

BCF Solutions is an engineering firm with over 400 employees and contractors headquartered in Chantilly VA.

With a focus on government contracts in security, construction and management, BCF Solutions is an ISO9001 Certified contractor based in Virginia with 19 offices around the United States and Europe.

BCF local Charleston SC office administrator came to Colophon with a two-fold purpose. 1) To organize the content that needed to be included in a new website and 2) to design and build a new web presence for the firm that would be well-supported and stay current over time.

Centered around three divisions, Colophon worked with the head of each division to define and organize content. The processes started with a confernece to include all stakeholders. Then each step of the way became more organized and detailed.

The final presentation provides and simple exaplanation of services and allows for scalability and changes as new contracts are procured and services evolve.

BCF also required a way to provide employees with easy access to standard company files and information. In place of a complex file sharing service, Colophon installed a poweful Employee Portal that offers a simple and secure access point for all HR materials that the firm wishes to distribute to employees.

Built on the WordPress platform, the website allows rapid and easy content updates. The website is hosted by Colophon and includes security and unlimited support.



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