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Case Study for: Health Care Professionals

Customer: Magnolia Center

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Magnolia Center

Magnolia Center is an addiction treatment center in Charleston SC.

Jeff and Robin Brooks are veteran addiction and trauma specialist who have worked across the United States helping patients. The husband and wife team had previously worked with Colophon on two other projects going back over 10 years. 

After living and working for several years in Colorado, Jeff and Robin made a decision to return to Charleston and start a new business. When they approached Colophon about a website they were well prepared with a detailed plan and a clear vision of what they needed for new company.

The first step was to give Magnolia Center Charleston a presence on the web. So, while work on the larger website design got started, Colophon created an informative and well-optimized landing page. Starting with a single landing page allowed users to find the new business as well as provided early indexing with Google that helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

All of the technical settings for the domain name are handled by Colophon, and basic email inboxes were also setup for the new company. 

Colophon took the content provided by owners and designed a simple and effective design, a navigational structure and a clear means by which to contact the center. As the complete website was built out, Jeff and Robin focuse on refining keywords for their target market. Colophon then used these targets to do a complete SEO review and optimized the website.

The website is built using the WordPress CMS platform and runs on WordPress specialized hosting.



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