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Case Study for: Professional Sales & Services

Customer: Mastantuno Law Firm, LLC

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Mastantuno Law Firm, LLC

J. Allen Mastantuno is a criminal defense attorney in Charleston SC.

Colophon redeveloped the website for Mastantuno Law Firm in 2021 providing them with an attractive, fast and easy-to-use site. Based on the WordPress platform, the new website design is a "custom theme". This means it was designed and built specifically for Mastanuno Law. This is as opposed to a great deal of WordPress development that is done with "off-the-shelf" pre-built themes - where developers mash together a bunch of plugins to create a website.

Pre-built themes often look attractive but can be difficult to maintain and are often bloated with messy code. Many parts of a pre-built theme are created to allow a broad range of features, but few get used - weighing the site down. With a custom WordPress theme from Colophon the website includes only what is needed and provides a clean, fast user-experience, and a scalable system that is easy to maintain.

The Mastantuno Law website has a set of content modules that allow the firm to do quick and easy updates to the site. The website is hosted on Colophon’s WordPress-optimized service and protected by an unlimited support plan.



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