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Case Study for: Professional Sales & Services

Customer: The Pool Care Pros

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The Pool Care Pros

The Pool Care Pros is a leading pool maintenance and installation company based in Charleston, SC

The Poolcare Pros know the value of a good website. For many busy home improvement companies, their website IS their sales department, able to make sales calls in IOP, Summerville and West Ashley all at the same moment. And it can provide - in a clear, consistent voice - a complete picture of your products and services to an eager public.

But for a website to do its job reliably, you need a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

A CMS “manages the creation and modification of digital content.” And the operative word for small business is Modification. Over time, as you chase What Works, your product, policies, and market will change. Your website needs to reflect those changes, and it would be nice if you didn’t have to pay development fees to your digital marketing firm every time!

So, when The Poolcare Pros turned to Colophon New Media for a site overhaul, one of the first decisions was to migrate to Wordpress from Drupal.

Drupal, The Poolcare Pros previous CMS, is one of the originals in this realm and it has earned its reputation for internet firepower. But that muscle sometimes brings complexity and a steeper learning curve. Frankly, it could be a little much for your office administrator when it comes to programming “This Week’s Special!” The ease of use that agencies promise their clients sometimes doesn’t materialize and, unfortunately, this can lead to website neglect. (Quick - when’s the last time you updated your blog

Ease of use, particularly for the client’s self-administered updates, is a chief draw for Wordpress and is one of the pillars of its success. This is one reason (along with secure hosting and tons of tech support) why Colophon switched to WP after years of success with our own custom home-brew CMS.

Colophon is proud to be serving The Poolcare Pros, a local small business that truly “gets it” when it comes to digital marketing. If YOUR business would like to dip a toe into the digital marketing pool, we say “come on in – the water’s fine!” Contact us today



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