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100 Years of Charleston History. Colophon Redevelops the Website for Steven's Towing Company

July 22, 2013

Stevens Towing Company is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. As one of the oldest and most respected businesses in the Charleston, SC, Stevens has a reputation for reliable, high quality service in the maritime industry .

Stevens Towing Tugs in Charleston Harbor by Patriot's Point

Colophon starting working as Steven's website development and hosting vendor in 2007 when they designed and built a new Steven's Towing website and a related "Captain's Log" application for maritime reports.

Backed by a powerful Cloud at a state-of-the-art datacenter in Arizona, Colophon has provided website optimization, hosting and maintenance services to Stevens Towing over the past six years.

The new  project  is the third interation of the company website that Colophon has built. In addition to the main coporate site, Colophon also developed the websites for two related services - The Charleston Heavy Lift, and the Savannah Heavy Lift.

Colophon is proud to service Stevens Towing with a full suite of web development and hosting services.

See more in the website development case study.


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