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All Hosted Customers Get a Free RAM Upgrade

August 08, 2018

Colophon recently upgraded all servers - doubling the amount of RAM to 32GB for all shared hosting servers. 

Customers hosted with Colophon are provided with low-tenant hosting. This means that a smaller number of websites share one service. A low-tenant environment provides faster and more secure hosting.

As part of our mission to continuosly improve on stabily, security and speed with our web hosting service, we have double the amont of RAM that each server runs. More RAM allows each website to run more efficiently during high traffic periods and offers and faster response when people visit customer websites.

Hosting Upgrade to 32GB RAM

Colophon provides fast and secure service with a specialization in WordPress web hosting. Websites are under constant threat, so in addition to providing ultra-fast and robust server power, Colophon's customer websites are also connected to a sucurity suite that keep them safe and clean. This includes SSL, a firewall, malware mitigation - and in the case of an incident - malware cleaning and recovery. Daily backups offer piece of mind.

Regular performance and security reviews help to identify potential issues and help keep pace with important web hosting performance and security trends.



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