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Check Engine! Colophon Provides Enhanced Performance and Security with Automatic WordPress Updates

May 12, 2021

WordPress is a powerful and effective Content Management System (CMS) for websites. The core of the software is strong and stable, and there is an enormous community of developers building wonderful "plugins" and "add-ons" to help business achieve their goals.

However, WordPress doesn't keep running properly without updates. Just like a car, after a certain amount of time and miles, the CHECK ENGINE light comes on and certain standard maintenance has to happen to avoid larger problems down the road.

Because of the ubiquity of WordPress on the web, the darker forces that lurk on the Internet are constantly making attempts to hack into WordPress websites and either steal valuable data, or simply cause destruction.

Most often the failure points for WordPress websites are directly through outdated versions of the WordPress software and plugins installed on the site.

Even the most well-built WordPress site needs ongoing maintenance to keep all of the moving parts moving, and keep the site safe and secure. Often businesses neglect this part of their web marketing, assuming that the hosting will just work. For most hosting services that is not the case. And often action is only taken when it is too late. Website get infected, and expensive remediation needs to take place.

By providing Fully Managed Web Hosting, Colophon keeps websites updated and thriving -  providing peach of mind to business owners.

Colophon listens to our customers’ comments and understands that business owners don't want to worry about hosting updates. They want their website to run well and get upgrades automatically. To respond to this need Colophon now provides automatic updates to both the core WordPress software and all plugins on the website. The tasks are handled by premium plugins that Colophon installs on every website. Then, from a central dashboard Colophon can monitor and confirm that all websites stay updated.

Should an automatic update fail for some reason, Colophon' support staff is alerted and a manual intervention takes place. Developer's go directly into the site files, analysis the problem and apply the fix. Colophon’s websites are updated long before the CHECK ENGINE light ever comes on.

If you are interested in getting fully managed hosting running for your company's website, call: 888.222.5705, or send us a note


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