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CNM is proud to announce the launch of the website for BTM Machinery of Charleston, SC.

January 01, 2005

BTM specializes in the sale of Heavy Machinery, providing service in a world-wide market. The new website features a clean, fast and easy to navigate interface. Users can search for machinery by category or brand. Inventory on the site is updated through a custom-built Administrator's Area that allows BTM to do fast and easy updates.

CNM also provides BTM with a professional hosting plan that includes email and enterprise level statistics software. The company can track all aspects of their website traffic. Blake Thornton, the president of BTM reported that he has seen the immediate benefits of his new site. "By pointing prospects and clients to my site I have cut down of the time that we used to spend emailing photos and information. Now things are condensed into one efficient and attractive place that can be accessed by anyone around the world.



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