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Colophon Adds Online Shopping to the Garden Club of Virginia

May 20, 2020

The Garden Club of Virginia was founded in May of 1920 by Mrs. Thomas S. Wheelwright, President of the James River Garden Club, who outlined the ​purpose of a federation as follows:

“The main purpose of the federation is to gain through contact with the leaders of the various garden clubs knowledge of practical value about all plants, and all that pertains to their history, growth, and increase; and the various kinds of gardens, large landscape effects, city gardens and civic planting. This increased knowledge may be gained by visits to the various well-planned gardens of the different types, and through discussion and interchange of information. Then we would like to promote an interest in and co-operate with the organizations in the state which have for their object the furtherance of this knowledge, and the beautifying of cities, towns, and highways, as well as the conservation in Virginia of the rich endowment of nature in forests, plants, and birds.”

The first president of The Garden Club of Virginia was Mrs. Malvern C. Patterson picture below.

Mrs.  Malvern C. Patterson​The Garden Club of Virginia is the largest and most influential garden club in America. Colophon New Media, LLC has been serving the GCV since 2008 with web design, programming, hosting and maintenance services. Their web presence has grown to provide management of all local member club data, multiple microsites for specific events including a Symposium website, a small site for Daffodil Day, and most recently with the addition of an online store.

This year marks the Centential of the Garden Club of Virginia. But sadly, the gathering in Richmond to celebrate 100 years of "conservation of native trees and flowers, intelligent warfare against plant pests, and the abolition of the disfiguring billboard." was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, members and interested visitors are still able to reach the Garden Club of Virigina through their websites, and can buy clothing and keepsakes through the small online store that we recently launched for them.

The store includes a colllection of items that are part of the Centennial Celebration and have been selling like hotcakes. The most popular item is the Waterford Crystal Centennial Keepsake pictured below. Using the WordPress platform and a connecting directly with GCV merchant services, the system is fast, secure and easy to use.

Colophon is extremely grateful to the leadership and members of the Garden Club of Viriginia for their business, friendship and incredible work that they provide to state of Virginia and the country.

Garden Club of Virginia Waterford Crystal Centennial Keepsake


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