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Colophon Announces Unlimited Protection Plans for Website Hosting

September 04, 2020

Every year the Internet seems to become a more dangerous place. Hackers, DDoS attacks, malware injections, drive-by attacks, trolls, spoofing, phishing, ransomeware and other cyber threats keep our digital world under constant attack. The data suggest that this trend is only increasing. For website owners and managers, this mean we need to be in state of constant vigilance.

For many of our customers their website is the cornerstone of their digital marketing strategy. As a  web hosting service provider, Colophon has been supporting customers for nearly 20 years and continuously working to improve security and stability -  to provide website owners with piece-of-mind.

To give customers a clear understanding of the level of support our WordPress hosting provides, we include a service called the UNLIMITED PROTECTION. This means that anything related to your hosting service is handled with no extra fees should a problem arise.

The services includes malware recovery. Most hosting providers charge an extra fee for this kind of service. Costs for malware recovery can run from several hundred dollars to thousands if the files are badly damaged or completely destroyed.

The work to clean and restore a website that has been infected with malware can include: isolating the offending threats and blocking their further entry to your website, scanning files, cleaning databases and site files, and recovering backup files to restore those that have been permanently damaged. 

Colophon is able to provide this level of support because of the investments we’ve made in security and the knowledge we've acquired providing web hosting support for 20 years. Our systems work to thwart bad traffic and detect problems before they cause major damage.

If you would like to find a good home for your website and get reliable support, contact us to get started.

Unlimited Protection Plans for Website Hosting


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