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Colophon Launches the Website for Scrantom Dulles, International Law of Charleston, SC

February 02, 2014

Scrantom Dulles was formed in 2013 and brings together two of the most experienced international lawyers in the World.

Timothy Scrantom and Frederick Dulles have worked in law throughout the globe.

They describe themselves as “legal architects, innovators, and problem-solvers in the arcane and esoteric fields of international and offshore law and business.” Scrantom Dulles came to Colophon with the goal launching their new business online.

They needed both a strong brand image, as well as a high impact website to represent their unique legal services.

While both men are highly experienced lawyers from the United States, an interesting fact about Mr. Scrantom, is that he is also an English Barrister. Both men travel often and now rely on the website as a fast and effective way for their contacts to find them.

The new website showcases the deep experience of the Partners, and offers a clear look at their complex area of law.

Powered by an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and hosted on fast, reliable servers, Colophon supports and maintains the website for Scrantom Dulles.


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