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Colophon New Media's EXPLORING THE INTERNET series will be published as eight articles over the next eight monthly issues of CNM News.

September 24, 2006

EXPLORE SERIES: Exploring the Internet
In a effort to help our customers and friends more completely understand the Internet, Colophon New Media will be publishing a series of articles exploring the foundations of the Internet and it's component parts.

As the technology of the Internet evolves, its basic technical components become less apparent to us. This is the goal of  business software. Developers do not want you to think about the technology running the applications you use. You should be focused on the business tasks at hand. The program should be a seamless extension of your office environment. However, a more comprehensive understanding of the underlying technology of the Internet can help you to better apply its power to your advantage. Whether you are involved in a web site development project, or using email as an integral part of your work day, knowing the foundations of Internet technology will have a positive impact on your business.

Over the next eight monthly issues of our CNM Newsletter, Colophon will publish articles on the following topics:

1)     How the Internet Runs
2)     How Information Travels On the Internet
3)     Connecting to the Internet
4)     How the World Wide Web Works

         > Understanding Web Pages
         > Understanding Web Browsers
         > Understanding Web Hosts
         > Understanding Dynamic Vs. Static Web Pages

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