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Colophon Redesigns the Website for the Garden Club of America

September 23, 2014

Colophon New Media, LLC has recently launched the upgraded website for The Garden Club of America (GCA).

Founded in 1913, The Garden Club of America is a volunteer nonprofit organization comprised of 200 member clubs and approximately 18,000 members throughout the country. Colophon New Media, LLC started working for GCA in 2010 when they were selected as the web development, hosting and support team.

Colophon updated the organizations aging website, and helped to move many of their business tasks online. Member data, events registration, and many other administrative tasks were moved to the cloud and synced with internal systems.

While the 2010 website was a great success, by 2013 it was clear that the website would require an upgrade. Rapid changes in web technology were sweeping the Internet. And GCA had new administrative leadership.

Jennifer Barnette became the COO of GCA in 2012, and her vision was to provide a more helpful and efficient experience for her membership, while using technology to streamline internal administrative tasks. The use of the web-based system was expanding, and the website needed to grow and improve.

The new site includes a public facing presentation of the GCA. However, this is truly only the tip of the iceberg. The depth of the member's area is where the real power is revealed. 

Learn more in the web development case study.


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