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Colophon Upgrades Hotel Brokerage Hunter Hotels from Atlanta

January 02, 2017

Colophon New Media, LLC has been providing Hunter Hotel Advisors web design and development services since 2013. The hotel brokers based in Atlanta utilize their website not only to showcase their listings and services, but also as a business productivity and customer service tool. 

Prospective buyers are able to sign letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, and access information about listings via their accounts. Brokers and agents receive information and alerts about their prospects and are able to customize each user account to best serve their clients.

Originally developed in 2013, the first generation website as a great success, and over the past 3 years Hunter Hotel Advisors have seen considerable growth across the United States. 

Hunter Hotel Advisors Website Upgrade

The upgraded website includes an all new design and improved performance. Built on a highly scalable platform, the website and hosting plan allow Hunter to quickly deploy information to their clients in order to move transactions forward. Backed by Colophon's Unlimited Support Plan Hunter administrators can count on fast answers and quick resolutions to problems.

Read more in the 2013 web development case study.


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