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Colophon Welcomes Salon Shahin of Stamford, CT to Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

September 15, 2017

Salon Shahin was voted the number one salon in Fairfield County. With 25 full-time stylists and a complete suite of salon and spa services, Salon Shahin has been an icon of dowtown Stamford, CT for over 20 years.

The Saloon had a website built for them several years ago. The site was simple and attractive, but incomplete. Files were missing, pages were not optimized and proper maintenance was not performed.

Like many small business websites, did not receive regularly scheduled maintenance. High quality content was not added on a regular basis, and general optimization and performance was not completed.

With a very busy and fast moving business in the heart of Stamford, the Salon's management was not able to dedicate lots of time to working on their website.

Shermin Farzam, the general manager of Salon Shahin came to Colophon to determine what could be done. Colophon suggested that the existing site could provide a successful web presence if some important upgrades were made.

After a complete review of the website, Colophon recommended that the site undergo some basic maintenance and optimization.

The website was migrated to our WordPress Optimized Hosting Service. Then design updates were made to the home page and all interior pages, adding an attractive header to the pages, and improving overall layout. New content was added and optimized and Search Engine Optimization was performed.

Going forward, Salon Shanhin will work with Colophon to keep the website updated and optimized.

Justyna from Salon Shanin Styles a Customer


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