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Spam doubles in the last six months - as reported in the New York Times online.

December 06, 2006

Three years ago, Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, made an audacious prediction: the problem of junk e-mail, he said, “will be solved by 2006.”  this prediction did not come true. Colophon New Media is sad to report that SPAM has seen a massive increase of the last several months.

As a provider of web and email hosting solutions, Colophon constantly monitors this trend and seeks ways to provide our customers with improved services. With the release of SmarterMail 3.0 CNM was able to offer customers more powerful ways to block spam However, the recent explosion in Junk Mail has made the entire industry scramble to stay ahead of the spammers. SmarterMail 4.0 is now in BETA testing and is likely to be rolled-out across all of the Colophon hosting plans in early 2007.

Read more about spam in this recent New York Times online article: Spam Doubles, Finding New Ways to Deliver Itself



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