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Website Maintenance

A successful website for business requires a maintenance plan


Colophon New Media provides website maintenance plans that ensure your site runs smoothly and effectively at all times. Your site stays fresh, and your customers stay engaged.

For one, cost-effective monthly fee we provide a team of dedicated developers that are ready to do any work you require that is related to your website.

Maintenance plans include, design, programming, copy editing and regular site updates.

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Fast and Easy to Use Content Management with WordPress

WordPress is a web-based content management system. Websites developed by Colophon are 100% custom-designed, and WordPress is installed to offer our customers the power and ease the WordPress platform.

Using WordPress is easy.

You login to your WordPress Editor from any browser and make additions and changes to website content instantly - from anywhere connected to the Internet.

WordPress CMSIt's an easy 3 step process:




Your website is updated!

By controlling core content in a website you continually offer your visitors updated information. You increase your site's search engine visibility as more quality information is added.

Site Manager includes powerful Search Engine Optimization tools that allow you to tune-up your pages and make your content visible to search engines.

Your site stays fresh, your visitors stay engaged, and your search rankings stay strong.

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