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Content Marketing - Organic SEO

An Introduction to Organic Search Rankings
The goal of content marketing is to boost organic visibility for your market area so that your website is found by relevant key searches. Organic search results are those that are not paid. The goal here is to rank highly for key search terms in Google based on the how Google sees your site. This is called “PageRank”. Google determines whether your site is important for these terms and then ranks your site in the search results based on this rating.

The power of organic search results is that they persist over time. It costs money to build PageRank, but the content lives online “forever”. An important component of earning good PageRank is the generation of good content that is interesting to prospects and attractive to the Google bots. 

As part of our monthly Content Marketing service we: 

  1. Write a monthly content post related to your target market. Our copy writer collects the ideas from your team, we then craft a post that is added to your website. The content is fully optimized for web and works to raise PageRank.
  2. Publish and promote the content on all of your social media channels. We review and enhance the configuration of each social media channel to provide a consistent brand image. We maintain this month-to-month to be sure all settings and design elements are correct, and that high quality content is front and center.
  3. Provide ongoing website maintenance. This includes any work needed on the site, from new design to advanced programming and content integration or edits. This keeps the site current, optimized and working to improve search rankings and convert visitors to customers.

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