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Email Marketing Solutions

managed, targeted, cost-effective

Colophon provides managed email marketing services

Colophon New Media offers cost-effective email marketing campaigns and newsletters. We create, send and track your campaigns Call for a Quote.

Service Includes:

  • Custom Built Campaigns
  • Manage Email Marketing Database (Archive Your Data)
  • Send Email Campaign with Dedicated Email Marketing Server
  • Tracking Report
  • Opt In/Out button
  • Full Support


What are the basic steps in accomplishing a successful permissions email marketing campaign?
ANSWER: Design, Build, Test, Deploy Campaign, Report

Why would I want to send email newsletters to customers and contact?
ANSWER: Customer retention is a top priority for any business. Most companies garner 80% of their revenue from just 20% of their customer base.

Extending your reach to even a few more customers can lead to a significant boost in revenue as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Providing your customers with information that they have specifically requested is key in any medium, but it is particularly beneficial with email.

Email Marketing from Colophon is FAST and COST-EFFECTIVE!

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