A Top 10 Testimonial!

Story by: Colophon Editor
May 1, 2012

Colophon has received a lot of nice comments about our service and support over the years. But when we recently upgraded a long-time customer’s site (MCG Photography), and then asked them how they felt about the service, we were super happy to receive the following email:

"James E.,

Thanks for helping us develop our web presence into what many think is an industry leader!

Please find attached our testimonial gratitude. ‘Top Ten’ seemed to work well for our layout. Please cut, paste, link or unlink however you find appropriate.

Thanks again for everything,

James and Corrie"


Why we love our website. Top Ten.

  1. Longevity. Our company website was originally developed in early 2004. With the help of Colophon we are able to fine tune and stay fresh in a competitive market place.
  2. Self Directed. Our current site is custom built to our needs. Updates in content are critical for our industry and we can now do it easily from our end. 
  3. Usability. Navigation ease is an important factor for success on the web and Colophon continues to help us stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Personalized. Today it’s easier than ever to create a generic template website, but generic doesn’t fit our business model. We are a boutique service and our website is our store front. Colophon truly helps us shine with a one of a kind presence. 
  5. Design Elements. As artists the design of our site was goal #1 for our online presence. Colophon went above and beyond our expectations in creating a website that is clean, crisp and modern.
  6. Accessibility. If we have a question it’s answered quickly. If we need to make a minor change it’s handled in a timely manner. 
  7. Organized. Our favorite clients are the organized ones. That applies to the vendors we work with as well. Time is a cherished asset and Colophon appreciates that. 
  8. Best Practices. Colophon is not just a web developer. CNM also serves as a business consultant. Staying connected with changes in online best practices has been a key factor to our company having a first page ‘organic’ presence on Google for our service in our City. We are in a competitive industry in a medium sized city. Google search presence is a huge value. Page two won’t due. 
  9. Award Worthy. Our website has been recognized as an industry leader by a prestigious industry professional organization, professional photographers of America ppa. http://www.ppa.com/
  10. Hosting. Reliable. Hands off. Having a website down is like turning off the lights and hanging the closed sign. Colophon helps to keep the lights on 24/7.
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