the basics to guide your business

37 Colophon’s Three Phase Web Development Process
36 Understanding WordPress
35 Domain Renewal Notices in Your Snail Mail – What’s the Story?
34 Web Page Response Time: The Need for Speed!
33 SSL Certificates: A Critical Feature for Proper Website Hosting
32 Colophon Website Security: Serious Times, Serious Measures
31 Secure WordPress Hosting from Colophon New Media
30 Managed WordPress Optimized Web Hosting Service
29 Your Web Hosting Service Explained
28 The Web Development Team and Process
27 Have a Better Surfing Experience. Update your Web Browser!
26 A Good User Experience on the Road? Think Mobile First!
25 Responsive Web Design: A Good Solution for your Business Website
24 Too many cooks spoiling your Ecommerce stew?
23 Explosion of SPAM & How to Fight It
22 Web Browsers Do Make a Difference
21 Email Service Can Make a Difference in Your Business
20 Video and Your Website
19 Feedback Loops Make for Better Email Marketing
18 Colophon New Media: Websites Built to be Found!
17 What can you do to get your Website found by Search Engines?
16 Websites for Professional Speakers
15 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 8: Understanding Dynamic VS. Static Web Sites
14 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 7: Understanding Web Hosts
13 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 6: Understanding Web Browsers
12 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 5: Understanding Web Sites
11 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 4: How the World Wide Web Works
10 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 3: Connecting to the Internet
9 Welcome to the Web in 2007
8 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 2: How Information Travels Across the Internet
7 EXPLORING THE INTERNET, Article 1: How the Internet Runs
6 Developing a Website for Your Business in Charleston, SC
5 Turn Email Into One of Your Best Tools Instead of a Liability
4 What is a Database?
3 What is FLASH?
2 Choosing an Internet Service Provider
1 Helpful Guide to Hosting Your Website

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