Story by: Colophon Editor
February 27, 2019

When it comes to website security, the sad (and exhausting) fact is this: The good guys have to get it right every time; the bad guys just have to get it right just ONCE. Once is all it takes to cripple your online presence – and your bottom line.

Compromised website security is a problem in American business, bordering on a crisis. It’s particularly hard on small business, where money is tight and margins are slim. In fact, 43% of malicious cyberattacks target small businesses like yours. Overall, nearly four million records are stolen each day, and the average DDoS attack grew to more than 26Gbps, increasing in size by 500%.

A 26 gig attack is no pinprick – it’s a torpedo that could sink your business!

This is one reason Colophon doesn’t just design and program websites. A cornerstone of our services includes the responsibility of hosting websites and web applications on secure, enterprise-grade servers. Emphasis on SECURE. What does this measure of website security mean for your business? Read on, won’t you?

Colophon’s Website Security System Works in Four key ways, offering:


  • New customers often come to Colophon with infected websites. We clean and repair them completely. Our process includes a full, expert analysis of your website’s structure and a complete scan of your files to detect and delete any malware or other security threats.


  • Active Site Management: When Colophon hosts your website, we also actively manage it. As the technology continuously changes, our hosting technology changes as well. New threats from the black hat hacker community emerge constantly, so our web hosting security service actively tracks and works to block them.
  • SSL: We install a Security Certificate (SSL) on every website. SSL adds that mysterious “S” to the end of your HTTP website address. When you see HTTPS, it means that your data traveling over the Internet is encrypted. The browser will display a “lock” symbol, and the Not Secure warning you often see will not be present.
  • Firewall: We employee a web hosting firewall. Each website that connects to our hosting service carries a unique IP address that points to this firewall. All traffic TO your website must also pass through this firewall, and only “good” traffic gets through. The firewall blocks attacks, malware and suspicious traffic.
  • Brute force attacks: we stop them! This prevents hackers from using automated tools to enter your admin.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks cause massive amounts of downtime across corporate networks website. A DDoS attack on your business can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, rendering your website and network inoperable during that time. Our security technology works to detect and mitigate these attacks and prevent this profit-killing downtime.


  • Infection Response: If there is an incident of any kind where your website becomes infected, we get to work immediately! We remove malicious code and clean the file system. We also delete SEO spam, remove blacklist status and update the system to prevent future attacks.
  • Backup and Recovery: We back up your files in the cloud and, if file recovery is needed, we can access a daily backup to restore your site.


  • Performance is an added benefit when you connect your site to our Security Suite. Your traffic will pass swiftly through our high performance servers, thanks to the most effective hardware and technologies in the business.
  • Smart Caching accelerates website performance, helping your pages to load faster on all devices.
  • Smart Compression: As your website traffic flows through our network, compression technologies reduce overall file size over the network, which further improves performance.


From the moment you walk through our door, to the day your site goes live, and well beyond, security is a paramount concern for Colophon New Media. As the standard disclaimer says, nobody can avoid every attack every time, but Colophon has the talent and the technology to expertly prevent, mitigate, and recover – and get you back in business FAST. If you would like to learn more about Colophon’s expert approach to website security, contact us today!

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