Story by: Colophon Editor
September 24, 2018

WordPress hosting has given the online marketing industry a much needed dose of simplicity and security, and it was long overdue! In the internet Old Days nobody could blame you for being confused about website hosting.  It was a veritable Wild West. Everybody and their digital brother was creating their own Content Management System (CMS) for their clients. And, while there is a place for these custom solutions in some cases, most businesses can benefit from the power and enormous flexbility offered by WordPress.

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Time marches on and Standardization is the rule. Today, while the CMS field is still somewhat segmented, one name stands out with better than 60% of market share: WordPress. Why has WordPress hosting become the platform of choice for Colophon New Media? Let’s take a look at the features and benefits…

WordPress Hosting from Colophon Offers:

  • Superior Media Management: When your website is fresh and new, practically any CMS will do. As your site matures and your archive of photos and video begins to grow, that’s when you start to notice the cracks. Naming, organization, tagging…your media archive grows exponentially, and you need a CMS that can keep up. WordPress Media Management starts strong and stays strong as your site volume and complexity grow.  A robust naming and tagging protocol is also critical for SEO, and WordPress delivers.
  • Faster Loading: Social critics say that our digital lifestyle has eroded our attention spans. Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure: we don’t want to wait for ANYTHING. That includes waiting for a website to load on whatever device we are using. The longer the load time, the higher risk that your potential user “Bounces,” or abandons your site. On a related note…
  • More SEO Friendly: You know who else is impatient? Search Engine indexing bots. When they reach out to your website and they encounter a slow load, it hurts your SEO.  Same goes for those times when your site is down for any reason. The bot knocks and nobody answers! Simply put, WordPress hosting means that your site loads quickly and it’s up and running reliably. You can’t understate the importance of these factors when it comes to SEO!
  • Robust Security: As you cruise the web in your daily life, when the screen goes red and you see that familiar “Are you SURE you want to go there?” warning, what do you do? Unless you want to risk losing personal information and passwords, as well as pick up some malware, you don’t go there! If “there” happens to be your business website, because some rogue has targeted you, that’s money right out of your pocket.

WordPress hosting security through Colophon New Media is both robust and flexible. It scans your site regularly looking for malware. It provides SSL certificates that deliver secure, encrypted communications between your website and browser.  It removes malware as well as proactively mitigating it. 

  • Continuous Updates: Closely related to Security is frequent software updates. The longer a platform ripens, the more time the miscreants have to figure out its weaknesses. So WordPress hosting keeps them guessing!
  • Automatic Backups: A lot can happen in a day. Fire, flood, hurricanes and, of course, malicious attacks. If your site is compromised, it’s comforting to know that WordPress hosting by Colophon provides daily backups to get you “back up” quickly!
  • Superior Customer Support: Back in the old home-brew hosting days, this was a major drawback. The quality of customer support was all over the map (except for Colophon – we RULED!) Today, WordPress techs are highly trained and always there, ready to address your issue by email, live chat or phone.

WordPress Hosting from Colophon New Media

Colophon offers WordPress hosting that delivers the industry standard for speed, reliability, flexibility and security.  It’s hosting Peace of Mind, from your friends at Colophon New Media! Contact us today!

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