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Associations / Organizations & Non-Profits The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston


Colophon originally worked with the management and IT team at the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston in 2011 to redevelop a new dynamic new website to serve the community of Charleston. The original website was a workhorse and provided vital information to the community for almost a decade. In early 2021 the House Authority came back to Colophon to upgrade the website.

The greatest challenges of developing a website for a large public entity like the Housing Authority of Charleston is to incorporate varied input from the staff and community, and organize it into a cohesive website system that is scalable and easy to manage.

After an initial assessment of all goals and objectives for the new site, Colophon created a plan that was both detailed and flexible. Website development was able to take place even while new ideas and new content came to the fore. The end result is an attractive and robust website that serves all quarters of the Housing Authority community.

Charleston, SC is a city that combines tradition with a positive disposition toward change and progress. These characteristics were evident in our meetings with The Housing Authority and were revealed in their goals for the organization and Charleston community whom they serve. They worked to created a system that would make the administration of public information effective and efficient using their new website.

Key Website Productivity Features of the New Housing Authority of the City of Charleston Website Include:

  • Quick Links Most Popular Info
  • Calendar of Events
  • Complete Suite of Interactive Web Forms for Data Collection and Processing
  • Google Mapping System for 58 Properties Comprising 9.2% of the Population of the City of Charleston
  • CMS: Rights Managed Content Management System (WordPress CMS)
  • Analytics Reporting

Colophon provides The Housing Authority with secure, ultra-fast web hosting.

Colophon's mission is to provide high quality web develop services backed by industry-leading customer support. We look forward to developing the next generation website for the Housing Authority in a decade or so!


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