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Professional Sales & Services Millenia Medical Staffing

Millenia Medical Staffing in one of the nation’s leading travel nursing and medical staffing providers.


 The Company

Based in Mt. Pleasant, SC Millenia Medical is focused on providing national travel staffing in the healthcare sector. Millenia’s client centers range from large teaching facilities in major cities to small community hospitals in rural areas, to correctional facilities and government clinics. Millenia is an approved Federal Supply Vendor.

 The Challenge

When Millenia Medical came to Colophon, they had an outdated website that was not providing their customers and prospects with a good user experience and the features needed to move sales forward. The primary target users of the company’s website are people seeking employment and health centers seeking employees.

To tackle the first challenge for job seekers, Colophon would need to present an easy-to-use interface that can display thousands of jobs in multiple categories. Serving the employers was a relatively simple task of creating a new, simple presentation of the services.

 The Process

From concept to launch, Colophon worked with Millenia Medical in a collaborative way. The first step was to map the entire system and collect all assets for the project. Like with all of our web design and development projects, we then undertook our Three Phase Process. In reduced form they are as follows:

Gather Assets and Set up Development Platform & Design.
Website Structure (XHTML) – in this phase, we transform the design into interactive pages.
Beta test and fix bugs and optimize for search and launch.

 The Solution

Colophon designed and programmed a new customer WordPress theme for Millenia Medical. A suite of custom content modules was then installed to allow fast and simple control of core content on the website.

The biggest piece of work in the Millenia Medical project was working with a third-party platform for job listings called JobRobotix. Colophon communicated with JobRobotix technical support to gather API access and documentation. Colophon then integrated the API to the new WordPress website. By taking all of the data from JobRobotix and inserting it to the website database, Colophon then had the flexibility to take directions from Millenia Medical’s owner to create a search and display system that best suited their target audience.

The entire system was optimized for search, tuned for mobile responsive performance, and then launched. Colophon hosts the website on WordPress-optimized servers with a full security suite.


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