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Professional Speakers and Authors The Keynote Curators


 The Company

Seth Dechtman is a 20 year industry veteran in the corporate keynote speakers industry. When it comes to finding the winning fit with speakers and entertainment for corporate events, Mr. Dechtman and his team work magic. After serving as an agent and as a managing director for a different firm over the past 20 years, Mr. Dechtman started a company of his own in 2020.

 The Challenge

The Keynote Curators was a new brand and required logo development, brand messaging and a new website. It also needed to feature specialized records to display speakers.

 The Process

The project started by discussing the goals of the new brand image and working with Mr. Dechtman and his team to shape the color and overall tone of the brand image. After completing a series of design options for the logo, Colophon went through several rounds of revisions, finally landing on a winning concept. Using the logo and branding exercises as a base, web design was started, an inventory content was created, and then the design templates were created.

The beating heart of the website is a specialized set of records to display speakers and entertainment. With “categories and topics” talent buyers can search for their specific type of speaker and get results instantly. Each speaker record is different and therefore the system is flexible and allows for a variety of content to be added. Image, videos, documents, links and social channels can all be part of speaker record.

 The Solution

All content is controlled via a customized WordPress content management system (CMS). The system also allows users to save speakers in “My List” and then send these requests to The Keynote Curators. The requests are stored in the secure website database and sent to the company’s CRM.

“When I was ready to launch my new company I came to Colophon to design my logo and build a new website. The system required complex 3rd party CRM integration and their technical team handled all aspects of the work with a high level of communication and clarity.  The project required collaboration and a deep understanding of my business and my industry.  Colophon did the homework to know what would work best and often anticipated my needs.”
– Seth Dechtman, President, The Keynote Curators

A core requirement of the website development project was to connect the form submissions to the SalesForce CRM. This was accomplished by using a WordPress premium plugin, and by working with a 3rd party SalesForce consultant to match the data organization that was created on the SalesForce account.

The is hosted on a WordPress Specialized Hosting Plan with Unlimited Support. The Colophon team provides monthly maintenance to The Keynote Curators and they are already planning additions to the website. Built on a scalable architecture, Colophon can design and program new features that help improve productivity and improve the user experience.

Mr. Dechtman and The Keynote Curators’ team helped to create a successful project by providing clear objectives and timely communication. We look forward to supporting their growth going forward!


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