Colophon New Media Announces Website Migration Services For WordPress Sites

Story by: Colophon Editor
February 25, 2020

Migrating Your WordPress Website to Colophon

Get the performance and support you deserve. Fast, secure and stable web hosting is the cornerstone of a successful web marketing campaign. For over 18 years, Colophon New Media has provided powerful hosting solutions to customers who had us develop their websites. Because hosting works hand-in-glove with website development, this has been a very effective service for our customers providing a reliable support resource for our customers. We are now office an end-to-end migration service for WordPress websites.

In recent years, Colophon has moved exclusively to the WordPress platform for development of corporate websites.  As part of this process we have configured servers that are set-up to provide optimal performance for WordPress websites. These high performance servers start with security as the primary focus. Powered by business-grade SSD servers on low-tenant servers, all WordPress sites benefit from blazing speed and fast server response times.

With years of experiencing hosting and supporting WordPress websites, we now offer WordPress hosting to businesses that are seeking a new web host and support they can rely on.

Migrate WordPress Websites to Colophon New Media

WordPress: Powerful and Popular

WordPress websites comprise nearly 35% of all websites hosted in the world. That is upwards for 700 million websites! As a content management system (CMS) it comprises 62% of the global market.

The popularity of WordPress comes from its power and flexibility. Web developers, like Colophon, can create powerful tools for content management, while business owners and marketing departments love the access that WordPress provides – allowing them to control their website content.

Like all popular software, malicious actors find WordPress an easy target. Standard WordPress templates abound, and basic WordPress hosting servers are crammed full of weak, poorly programmed sites. Subsequently, WordPress sites are often stricken with malware, infections and broken features.

Website owners then return to their developers to ask for help, and find that repairing their website is expensive. Or they can go to their hosting provide and discover that clearing the malware is an extra fee, and  the adding proper security to keep the site safe is another extra fee.

A Complete, Managed WordPress Hosting Solution

Colophon New Media provides a complete solution for WordPress web hosting. Before we migrate a website to our service, we first do an analysis of the condition of the website and verify that is safe to move it to our platform. Once verified, the site is set-up on a business grade, low-tenant server where it benefits from ample processing and bandwidth resources to provide fast response times.

The next step is to update the WordPress administration access – adding a two-step process. This extra step thwarts the most common malicious traffic.  Finally the website is wrapped in a security firewall that monitors traffic and blocks suspicious traffic before it can get to your site.

WordPress and the plugins that are installed on top of it, rely on being 100% up-to-date in order to stay secure. Colophon connects all WordPress websites to a 24/7 monitor that checks for outdated software and automatically updates the WordPress ‘core’ and plugins. This keep the entire system up-to-date.

Unlimited Support

If there is a problem related to your website hosting, Colophon will handle it as part of your monthly hosting fee. We call this UNLIMITED SUPPORT.

Once the site is set up and running on Colophon’s servers we are here to support you. Since 2003, the team at Colophon has worked to keep all systems strong, fast and secure. We look forward to supporting you and your website.

How the Migration Process Works

Colophon migrates WordPress websites by first checking the condition of your website and it's compatibility with our WordPress Specialized hosting services. A

If the website is a good fit, we moves the files for a one-time migration fee.

Once the site is fully tested on our platform we assist with DNS and all go live settings. 

A Single Monthly Fee Covers

  • High Performance, Low Tenant Server
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Uptime Monitors
  • Managed WordPress Software Updates
  • Managed WordPress Plug Updates
  • Full Security Suite
  • SSL Certificate
  • Malware Mitigation
  • Malware Recovery
  • Unlimited Support – Protection Plan

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