James Eastman, Director of Colophon New Media Attends The Web Builder 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, NV, October 13-15, 2008

Story by: Colophon Editor
October 16, 2008

The Web Builder 2.0 event is a technical conference that was designed for web professionals who are interested in learning the latest developments in the web, coming trends, and best practice in the industry. James Eastman, Director of Colophon New Media said "Attending the Web 2.0 conference has helped Colophon stay connected with the development world in a profound way. Meeting with leading industry professionals and attending the seminars has already led in new and exciting directions that will improve our customer websites."

Keeping pace with  rapidly evolving web trends and technological changes has been a primary objective of Colophon’s business strategy. While not all technological trends are appropriate to implement in all of our customer’s websites, careful application of recent trends helps Colophon to create better, faster and more effective websites for their customers.

Colophon Media has produced hundreds of websites and web applications. Each project focuses on the specific needs of clients and their objectives. Many clients look to Colophon to help them understand what works best for their company. By attending conferences like Web Builder 2.0 and by studying current trends, Colophon refines it's services, and is able to offer customers a current and accurate view of what will provide them with the best return on investment for their web marketing dollars.

At a large conference it is difficult to see everything. James Eastman said, "I focused on attending the most relevant sessions that would help have an immediate positive impact on our production and customer service processes." Sessions included, Web 2.0 strategies, improving landing page impact, building more successful online shopping experiences, mobile web strategy, effective ad-based marketing and much more. Colophon looks forward to implementing this new knowledge for their current and future clients!

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