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January 1, 2007


Colophon New Media is starting its sixth year in business. We provide web site development services to leading small businesses in our local community of Charleston, SC and throughout the United States.

Since our beginning in January 2003 many things have changed with Web technologies. Colophon has kept pace with the Internet Evolution. We understand design trends and offer cutting-edge technology to build, host and maintain your web site.

Recent web trends have focused on making sites more attractive, fast and easier to use. The term "Web 2.0" has been used to describe a new set of technologies that allow developers to build web sites that behave more like desktop applications, in contrast to the traditional, slow-moving web pages that require you to refresh the browser, read instructions and click many buttons to achieve your tasks.

Modern web surfers do not tolerate slow, bloated web sites. They are task-oriented, and not impressed with flashy animations and hyped-up marketing. They demand streamlined and effective web sites; they want to get things done.

Colophon New Media specializes in designing, building, hosting and maintaining powerful websites for small businesses. Utilizing the latest technologies and trends, we custom-build each site according to the unique specifications of your business and give you the power to control your web content.

Using our Site_Manager 2.0 system, Colophon's clients are able to make their own web site updates using a fast and easy web-based tool. From adding basic text and images to complex documents and calculations, your website can be updated from anywhere in the world with Site_Manager 2.0.

Whether you are starting off with your first website for business or upgrading, Colophon New Media will help you build a successful web presence.

Custom Design and Development
Everything we do for your company is designed specifically for your company.

Focus on Marketing Your Business
Each step we take online keeps your target market in mind.

Cutting-Edge Graphic Design
Our design team keeps your brand fresh and attractive.

Cutting-Edge Programming and Technology
We use the up-to-date and robust technologies to power your web presence.

Personal, Attentive Support!
You will gain access to knowledgeable, polite and hard-working technical support staff.

In each step of the development process and long after you're online, CNM will be here to take care of you and help you grow.

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    We serve our customers by developing attractive, highly optimized websites that are focused on improving sales.

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    Colophon’s hosting service is focused on stability and security. As technology evolves so should your host.

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    Colophon New Media provides website maintenance plans that ensure your site runs smoothly and effectively at all times.

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    Colophon offers data-driven Paid Search Marketing Campaigns with Google and Facebook, and online Press Release Management.

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