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Product Manufacturers & Distributors Origin Point Brands


Origin Point Brands (OPB) is a home improvement supplier with several labels, from window screens to fencing to pet enclosures and more. They know that, at the local level, SEO algorithms prefer specialization over generalization, e.g., “aluminum fence” vs. “home improvement.” This means that each of Origin Point’s brands should ideally have their own website to earn concentrated search engine results. 

Origin Point Brands

How did they develop a “family” of websites that stand alone and stand together? They turned to Colophon New Media. Together we designed compatible themes for their various brands. Then we built the Origin Point portal that introduces the company and provides links to their screen, pet enclosure, and fencing sites.

Responsive design means the new Origin Point website works flawlessly on all devices and platforms, with an emphasis on mobile. And a state of the art WordPress content management system (CMS) offers fast, secure access and easy website updates from any device.

In the first phase of work Colophon created simple landing page the featured all of the OPB brands. Users could click the logos and go to the brand website. 

Origin Point Brands Website on Laptop

As OPB worked to consolidate and strengthen their web presence the decision was made to build a new Origin Point Brands site with a full product display system. Individual brands have their own showcase of products with details. For brands that have their own website, the system offers a link to the brand site.

The new site includes a highly flexible database of product categories that allows administrators to add, edit and update products. Based on the WordPress platform, the custom theme and related content modules are created to the exact specifications of Origin Point Brands. The website is hosted on a WordPress-Specialized server platform and supported with Colophon’s Unlimited Hosting Support Plan.

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