Colophon Upgrades Analytics Software for All Web Hosting Customers

Story by: Colophon Editor
July 12, 2010

Smarter Search Engines Require SmarterStats!

SmarterStats Web Analytics SoftwareAt press time, Colophon New Media is almost finished with our latest software upgrade! From the end of June to mid July, between the hours of 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM PST (GMT -7), Colophon has been upgrading the web analytics software on your hosting plan. Behold the shiny newness of SmarterStats Version 5 – the latest and greatest build of this powerful web analytics software! The upgrade is FREE to all Colophon hosting customers.

Of course, an improvement that knocks you offline for a length of time is hardly an improvement at all. So we have made every effort to insure that, during the upgrade, your website, mail, and/or database services would not be affected whatsoever. You may find, however, that there may be a brief period of about 15 minutes when your SmarterStats login is not available.

Great New Features for Your Business
SmarterStats 5.x comes equipped with a list of new features to improve your analytics reporting, as well as tools that will help you improve the traffic you receive. Here’s the big list of new features:

  • Search Engine Optimization Reports — Monitor SEO campaigns and enhance optimization efforts with new SEO reports, including keyword position reports, competitor reports, search engine visibility reports, and Google PageRank reports.
  • SEO Campaigns — Track, evaluate, and compare search engine results for keyword sets on your own website or competing websites.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool — A built-in keyword suggestion tool helps you find keywords to improve the volume or quality of traffic your sites receive from search engines.
  • Competitor Suggestion Tool — When conducting a SEO campaign, it may be beneficial to find out what SEO tactics the competition used to attain their search engine rankings. The built-in competitor suggestion tool can help you identify websites that may be competing for search engine traffic.
  • Improved Mobile Phone Detection and Reporting — Updated user agents allow SmarterStats users to track the website activity of visitors that use Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Symbian mobile devices to access your site. Plus, a new mobile phones report makes this information easily accessible.
  • Dynamic Page Support — SmarterStats now allows dynamic URLs to be referenced as unique pages, enabling users to collect data associated to these URLs.
  • Page Aliases — To help users better understand website performance, SmarterStats now includes the ability to transform cryptic URLs and names into friendlier, easy-to-remember names.

As the search engines get smarter and more finicky, you have to keep up with the latest and greatest web analytic tools. Better yet, why don’t you let Colophon do it for you? If you aren’t using smart tools like SmarterStats, you need to contact Colophon New Media today!

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