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Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Development Questions

No. Although we do meet with customers in our local area of Charleston, SC, we have customers throughout the United States whom we have never met face-to-face. Projects with them are completed by using telephone, email and video conferencing.

A: The following items are required from each client at the start of a project:

  1. Signed Forms: Quote, Payment Schedule, Credit Card (if on billing plan)
  2. Login info for your existing Internet products that relate to the new project. Things such as login details for current hosting and domain name information.
  3. All existing marketing assets that your company may have. Things such as logo files, marketing copy, and any other electronic assets that may further the project goals.

Colophon takes care of all the technical aspects of the development of your website, including planning, design, programming, testing and launch. If you have contracted us to create your marketing message and write copy, this will also be included in the development process.

Yes. We require that clients have a working knowledge of office tools such as Microsoft Word and a proficiency using common Internet tools such as email and web browsers.

Website Hosting Questions

Colophon provides website hosting for the sites that we develop. In order to run a successful website a developer must have complete control over the hosting technology and server settings that run the site.

We provide best-in-class website hosting that includes the fastest hardware and most up-to-date server software.

Colophon provides 100% technical support for hosting plans. If something goes wrong with a technical aspect of your website, we start to take care of the issue as soon as it is reported.

Website Maintenance Questions

Your website will be controlled by a powerful content management system (CMS) called Site Manager. Most of the changes you make on a day-to-day basis can be handled using Site Manager.

Colophon also offers hourly maintenance as well as maintenance plans. The maintenance plans are priced to suit different budgets. Once the plan is activated, Colophon becomes your company's out-sourced web development department and will provide any design or development tasks that you require.

Simply submit maintenance requests and we take care of the rest.

Website Marketing Questions

Ultimately, the purpose of all marketing is to increase brand awareness and build relationships with new customers.

Colophon's web marketing services achieve these objectives through Your Website, Google Marketing and Email Marketing.

Once your site is developed and launched, it must be found by your target audience. Colophon provides the following web marketing services:

  1. Organic Optimization - Your Website's Visibility
    A properly constructed website, that is well written, is the foundation of organic optimization.

    Colophon provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that insure your site is properly coded and tagged, and that the copy is well-written and optimized for the web.

    Colophon's copywriting services include web copy, online press releases and newsletters.

    Creating good content is the foundation of a successful web campaign. Your website will educate your target audience by offering visitors high-quality content. In turn, they will share and recommend your site.

    Your website's 'Page Rank' will increase as Search Engines index your high quality content and visitors create links to your site.
  2. Paid Search
    Colophon's Google AdWords Certified Strategists manage advanced AdWords campaigns that optimize cost-per-conversion and provide you with clear objectives, and measurable results for your advertising dollars.

  3. Email Marketing
    Colophon builds, sends and tracks powerful email marketing campaigns. We then provide clients with detailed reporting to further optimize the use of email and build your database of contacts.