Colophon New Media upgrades web hosting plans to Abode ColdFusion 8; offering superior performance for our customers’ web applications.

Story by: Colophon Editor
August 20, 2007

Version 8 is the latest upgrade of ColdFusion, which is a web server software made by the Abobe Corporation. ColdFusion allows Colophon developers to create effective websites for our customers by utilizing cutting edge technology and forward-looking web trends.

New to ColdFusion 8:

  • Increased Speed
  • Greater Scalability
  • Improved Compatibility with Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Improved Dynamic Features

Why does Colophon New Media program websites using ColdFusion vs. other server solutions?

There are a variety of programming languages availble to create dynamic websites. However, there are 2 main type of server-side scripting code: 1) Commercial 2) Open Source.

Open Source and PHP
The most popular open source solution for dynamic website development is PHP (Hypertext Processor). PHP is an excellent language and is used to build powerful web applications. It is referred to as "Open Source" because it is considered to be a "free" software. The code that makes up the program is available to developers to freely access and change. There is a large network of developers sharing ideas and working to evolve and improve the program.

Commercial Code and ColdFusion – Colophon's Chosen Platform!
Colophon New Media uses commericially produced server-side software (ColdFusion) to create and deploy our customers' websites. We made the decision to go with ColdFusion as our chosen development enviroment after a careful analysis of the industry, future trends and the ability to provide our customers with rapid, high-quality application development, and the security of using a product development by a proven industry leader in web technologies – Adobe.

With commecial code, innovation is driven by raw market forces. Those companies that innovate their technology thrive, while those that don't suffer. It is with this spirit that Colophon approaches each new website development project.

ColdFusion 8.0 is a welcome upgrade for Colophon. All new websites will include exciting new features available in version 8.0. All new hosting plans on the ColdFusion platform will be configured with version 8.0

For more information call: 888 222 5705.


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